Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stamps Collection still consider a hobby nowadays?

This are some stamps in my mom's collection. I just wonder whether are there still younger people like me have the interest to have it as a hobby.
But I do think the stamps are very beautiful.


jellyfishwiggle said...

Hi Munyee,

Jellyfishwiggle was created for my daughter * Joey. She is in primary 4 now. She is also new in blogging.

She is studying in SJK(C) , her favourite subject is English. She loves Enid Blyton. Maybe both of you could be friends.

jellyfishwiggle said...

Oops... by the way, stamp collecting is also one of her hobbies. After she inherinted all my treasures (stamps), she becomes addicted.

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高佬 said...

Yes...Stamps Collection is a hobby in life.
Are you stamps collector?
My dad is a stamps collector, may be i can share the stamps photo to you.