Thursday, August 27, 2009

Book Fest @ Malaysia 2009 KLCC 22nd-31st August 2009

The mega book exposition is conducted within a period of 10 days in parallel with the school holidays.
To complement the event, a series of fun-filled and exciting activities such as concerts, performances, contests as well as meet-the-author-sessions are planned throughout.

My Family and I have gone to the Book Fest@Malaysia 2009 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. We have went there for some books that I want to buy and I really enjoy going there because I just love books so much. Even though I've been there twice this week but my brother and I still have not get enough of it, because there are so many books that we love. We have spend more than Rm 500 at the convention.


jellyfishwiggle said...

What book you bought? What is your favourite ?

SM said...

Hi, thanks for coming to my blog. :)
I have bought many books, some are novels, revision books and for fun reading (comics), definitely have not get enough yet. Maybe I will ask my mommy to go there again this weekend. I will post the books here later. Have a nice day. :)

jellyfishwiggle said...

SM, thanks for the reply.

Johnny Ong said...

remember to keep those receipts for tax purposes.